What Is The Girlfriend Activation System Ten Code Training?

Today, I wanted to take a minute and discuss the Girlfriend Activation System.  More specifically, I wanted to focus on the Ten Code training that’s included as a free trial when you purchase the program.

When I was looking over several different Girlfriend Activation System reviews, there was some confusion as to how much the program actually costs and what exactly the Ten Code is.   Because of that, I thought I’d clarify for all the men out there who want to use GFAS techniques to get a girlfriend.

Preview Of The Girlfriend Activation SystemWhen you buy the Girlfriend Activation System, you get unlimited access to both versions of the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS V1 & GFAS V2).  It also comes with a lot of additional bonus programs like Endless Conversations, Friends Into Lovers, and Assertive Approaching just to name a few.

All of the above is included for a one-time cost.  The main Girlfriend Activation System program is NOT an ongoing monthly cost like some GFAS reviews mistakenly indicate.  However, the program DOES include an optional ongoing training called The Ten Code.

14-days of this training are provided free with your initial purchase and then you can choose to pay monthly and keep it going or cancel before the 14 days is up and pay nothing more.

So what exactly is the Ten Code?  The Ten Code runs for 12 months and teaches men how to become “10’s”.  In other words, how to become the type of guy who has a ton of friends, has a lot of social influence, is powerful, is successful, is highly desired by a ton of women.   It builds on the Girlfriend Activation System, and gives guys the mindset and skills needed to be successful in all areas of their life.

The Ten Code includes video, audio, and text components that are sent to you monthly. Each month, the GFAS Ten Code training typically includes:

  • Videos that focus on three different types of values and skillsets (primary, passive, and active).
  • A real-life texting transcript between a guy and a girl that points out what the guy did right and what he did wrong when interacting with the woman he likes. These always contain awesome advice and insights.
  • A bonus video presentation that focuses on one core aspect of dating which changes monthly.
  • A new audio interview each month, called the Ten Life, between GFAS creator, Christian H., and other well-known dating coaches.

All in all, the Girlfriend Activation System Ten Code offers tremendous value, but obviously it won’t be for everyone because of the ongoing costs associated with it.


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